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On Revision: The Most Ignored Part of the Writing Process

Published on 2018-01-15

What if Books Were Advertised on TV and Youtube?

Published on 2017-12-26

Part 2: Seeing God in the Post-Prayer Present

Published on 2017-09-21

Part 1: A Method for Developing Internal, Private Gratefulness to God

Published on 2017-08-11

Write on the Whiteboard Every Class: My Advice to Teachers Straight out of Undergrad

Published on 2017-07-14

5 Digital Lectures by Christian Thinkers

Published on 2017-06-30

Creativity is Easy, Execution is Hard

Published on 2017-06-20

Five Memoirs that Guys in their Twenties Should Read

Published on 2017-06-04

Writing Poetry is About Being Aware of When to Write

Published on 2017-05-17

10 Wendell Berry Quotes

Published on 2017-05-14

Millennials: Addicted to the iPhone but Wanting to Know How to Live Without It

Published on 2017-01-21

The Materialistic Pathway Prevents Some from Believing the American Dream

Published on 2016-12-28

Two Questions About Pride: The Difference Between “Good pride”/ “Bad Pride” and How to Avoid Becoming an Arrogant/Prideful Person

Published on 2016-12-10

Distraction is No Excuse for Millennial Adults

Published on 2016-11-08

Four Steps to Leading a Backpacking Trip

Published on 2016-09-26

National Parks: Free Trespassing Zone

Published on 2016-08-11

What To Do When You Lose Your Cam Newton-like Confidence in Your Mid-Twenties

Published on 2016-07-29

Advice from A Popular Writer’s Handbook

Published on 2016-07-17

5 Digital Sermons That Have Shaped My Life

Published on 2016-07-03

Three Questions About Hipsters: Defining Hipster Culture, the Origins of the Sub-Culture and Why Many People Do Not Like Hipsters

Published on 2016-06-24