Nathan Branson

The Atlantic Monthly Consistently Delivers a Needed Skepticism of Technology

Long-Form Journalism Is Alive And Well

As Americans in the 21st century, we must question what technology is doing to our personal, social and intellectual lives. What is it doing to your identity? What is it doing to your sleeping patterns? What is it doing to your soul? What is it doing to your friendships? Is it effecting our ability to be a happy, free person?

Such . . .

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July 11, 2018

5 Digital Lectures by Christian Thinkers

Background Noise for the Commute or House-Work

Wrestling with questions in my faith has consistently led to growth. I have lots of questions about Christianity and how it works. Typically these questions float around subconsciously in my mind and I may randomly stumble across an answer in a book, sermon or lecture. Sometimes I write the question down and seek it out intentionally. However . . .

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June 30, 2017

Two Questions: Getting My Students to Read in 2015 and Why I Prefer Persuasion

Below are two questions that I'd like some input on. If you have any answers to either these questions, please type a response in the comment section. Or feel free to email me at with your thoughts. I am looking to start a conversation about these things, whether online, via email or in person.

. . .

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December 03, 2015